Hey this isn’t SUPER☆GiRLS related!

25 Sep

When you buy a group’s cd it means you’re officially a fan. Which means I’m allowed to write stuff like: “the group should be called Ai.eLL, amirite?” For the record, I only became an Ai Shinozaki fan *after* I found out she’s a great singer. Which only happened because I saw her at TIF.  So that means I have integrity. Massive, insane, overflowing amounts of integrity! <But by pointing it out makes you sound like a moron.>. A moron with integrity. <And why are you still mentioning TIF?>  Because not everyone may know I saw them at TIF. Therefore they may not be aware that they should be feeling extreme jealousy!

First edition bonus photos. (Are you going to point out how poor quality this photo is?) No I’m not.

Their album arrived today, along with SUPER☆GiRLS 2nd anniversay concert dvd and Reira’s CARDGRAVURE photobook (more on that eventually). The album included an HMV bonus pic and a 1st press photo of Erika (she’s not Ai, but Erika’s my second favorite, so I’m still cool). The cd also included some sort of card, for some sort of event, that had some sort of unique key code, that unlocked some sort of prize, but it’s all in some sort of language that I sort of don’t know.

Technically I’m supporting an idol group that needs more fans. Un-technically I bought their album because no one uploaded it anywhere.


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