Idol Sisters: Who are they and why are we obsessed with them?

7 Sep

Idol sisters.

Less this

and more this

Rika has a sister! And you can tell she’s hot! She has idol sister hair, idol sister fashion, and classic idol sister smiley. Did I mention she’s Rika’s sister? Definitely hot.

What do Reira, Reiko, Mako-tee, Ayaka Komatsu, Rikataso, and Amimi have in common? [you’re obsessed with them… in a healthy and cool way]. And? [They all have sisters.] Not just any sister. Idol sisters.

Wait, is this considered inappropriate? It seems like a normal idol topic, like an idol’s political ideology and cup size. [It’s kind of weird, but we’ll allow it.]

What are idol sisters?

  1. Idol sisters are mysterious. We only find out about them randomly in blogs or interviews.
  2. They are hot. They are related to idols.
  3. They are mysterious. It is surprisingly difficult to stalk an idol and her sister from overseas.
  4. They are hot. Do they share the same bedroom? That would be weird, but hot.
  5. They are mysterious. Are they a younger idol sister or older idol sister?
  6. They are hot. Being the younger or older sister is hot.

The most interesting thing an idol can ever say is “I have a sister.” And if an idol is on a TV program and they are asked the cliché “What’s your random talent,” and they don’t have one, they can just say “I have a sister.” And do a cute pose.

I’m not the only one who cares about idol sisters.

Where’s our idol sister idol group?
There are idol groups. And there are idol groups that have sister groups. Why aren’t there idol groups of the sisters of idols?

Aki-G (producer): We aren’t leaving this room until we think of a name for the new idol sister group. A catchy name. Maybe with numbers at the end.
George-san: Nep She Sisters.
Some other guy: SISTERZ?
Aki-G: With a “z”? Hmm… we’ll put that one as a “maybe.”
George-san: Nep She Sisters.
Aki-G: No. We ignored you earlier because that’s horrible.
George-san: Nep Sisters Stars. Neppy Sisters. Sister Girls 48. Nep Sisterz Starz… with two “z”s.
Aki G: Dammit, get out! You’re fired. If I could kill you I would.
Tanaka-san: S1ST3RZ. With a “1” as the  “i” and a “3” as the “e.” The group will have 13 members. With either “1” or “3” lolis – we can figure that out later. And I added a “z” at the end.
Aki-G: I love it. You had me at “z.”
Some other guy: Why not 13 lolis?
Aki-G: Yes, 13 would be better. Really love the “z.”
Tanaka: The hard part was coming up with a name. The easy part will be finding 13 loli sisters of idols.
Aki-G: Yes, very easy. Well, I think we found a name we can all agr–
Acchan (secretary):  SUPER☆SiSTERS.
Aki-G: Yes! OMG Yes! Perfect! If I could kill you I would. In a good way I mean.


Idol sisters, if you are reading this… please form a group. And let me be the manager.


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