PASSPOdia Daily™

10 Feb

Last night was PASSPO and predia (and Mai Kotone’s) Valentine’s concert. Although PASSPO and predia are very close, it’s somewhat rare for them to perform at the same concert. The last time was November 26, 2011 at an idol festival in Shibuya. I love when they share a concert because it allows the groups to collaborate (isn’t there a cool guy that likes to predict stuff like that?). For the Valentine’s concert they did a “student exchange program” allowing  Rumina to perform Pretty Lie with PASSPO, and Anna to perform HEY BOY with predia. That’s like the coolest thing since that one guy walked on the moon 100 years ago!

And PASSPO’s youtube account uploaded the video of Anna with predia!

Kind of random, but I’m starting to become a Terumi fan. Well I always liked her, but I’ve been reading her blog more often lately. Keeping with the subject of predia wearing PASSPO outfits, the photo in the middle and right are from a predia concert from last June.  Is it ok to say I hate those costumes? No, negativity isn’t allowed here… jerk!.

Kaho visited the group the day before their Valentine’s Day concert. She told them she had an important announcement to make… but once she had everyone’s attention she just performed a “rap” song. Everyone loved it!


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