Maybe I should rename my blog “pre-diary”

31 Dec

The pre-vious pre-dia post was embarrassingly shallow considering there have been recent changes within the group that are more significant than stickers and removing the hyphen from their name. Speaking of hyphens, starting next year (it’s still 2011 in America, hehe), I’m going to stop doing the “hyphen thing” when I write about pre-dia. It has gotten progressively less cool each time I write something like pre-dia “pre-views” and “pre-dictions”, or “Reiko is pre-tty”. Well, I still might write “Reiko is pre-tty” :). Let’s just pre-tend that pre-vious mini-update never happened.

On 11-12-22 Sachiko Umakoshi announced she would be leaving the group. She will officially graduate at their 4th Party concert on 12-1-14.
I feel a little guilty that a member is graduating from a group I love, and I honestly don’t have a single memory of her. In my defense I only have two eyes, and I need both of them to watch Reiko. It’s probably not coincidental that all of the girls who have left the group were the least popular. The idol world can be harsh.

With Sachiko graduating, two members have been selected to join the group. *Exciting!*

They revealed the new members in the groups blog (how anti-climatic). The members are Yuzuka Hayashi and Yui Yosaka.

Yuzuka is a member of D-rive and Sexy All Sisters, which are both Platinum groups on the Jolly Roger label. According to her blog she will remain in her previous groups, while joining pre-dia.
Yuzuka wearing her D-rive and Sexy All Sisters outfits.

Yuzuka links

The second new member, Yui, is apparently a “model” (she has an image video coming out in January). Her blog mentions she also has experience as a performer.
Yui’s blog
Other News
Pre-dia will be debuting new songs at their 4th Party. A new album has to be coming soon :)

Pre-dia is also starting a fan club. They actually announced this a month ago. Fan clubs are bad news for overseas fans (because the perks of being a member aren’t available to overseas fans such as pre-sale tickets and fan club events), but hopefully it’s a sign the group is doing well.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned pre-dia has stickers now!?


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