PASSPO’s 2nd Anniversary @ Akasaka Blitz: Part 2

5 Dec

Once the first concert ended, I headed for the exit where staff members were handing out bags with promotional fliers, including a free magazine with PASSPO on the cover. I quickly made an awesome helmet with the bag to protect my hair from the rain (<– I didn’t do that). My plan was to quickly locate an ATM and get back before the first event ended. I’ve noticed that in Japan, even in a huge city like Tokyo, ATMs are rare and often located in hard to find areas. A friendly hobo told me the nearest ATM was on the top floor of Tokyo Tower and I could borrow his imaginary hot air balloon to get there. I thanked him for the advice, but set out to find a post office or 7-11 (these are the only locations I know that have international ATMS, other convenience stores like Family Mart and Lawsons don’t accept international cards).

I decided to walk around Akasaka until I found a 7-11. After going about 2 km in one direction (I had to walk in a straight line to ensure I didn’t get lost, hehe) in the pouring rain (with the PASSPO magazine safely protected under my hoodie) I finally found a 7-11 (“Yatta!”, of course I didn’t say that, but I was relieved I wouldn’t have to travel any further from Blitz). I withdrew money, bought an umbrella, orange juice, and an official PASSPO bento. Now that I was powered up, and had an umbrella and money, I headed back to Blitz. Which way was it again?? *kidding*

When I got back there was already a couple hundred people queued to buy merchandise for the second concert. Although it was no longer possible to do the first event, the line meant there was going to be a second event. There is a tunnel that connects Akasaka station with Blitz, so fortunately some of the waiting was out of the rain. Once you got to the merchandise booth you would be back in the rain though. Nearby were groups of fans organizing instructions for the birthday encore and distributing glowsticks to the people in line. I already had a yellow and pink glowstick, but it turned out that my “yellow” glowstick looked more like Sako’s yellow-green when it was turned on, so it was nice to have a real yellow glowstick. So thank you random person who gave me the glowstick!

Once I got to the booth, the first section was reserved for pre-dia goods: cds, live photos, and pink t-shirts. At the PASSPO section were boxes and boxes of cds (I didn’t learn about their limited edition 2nd anniversary items until after the concert, but since I didn’t see any of those items they probably sold out earlier in the day). Since I already have all of their cds I just bought *some stuff* in order to get Flight Tickets. Although they literally had thousands of cds, the only single they didn’t have was “Let it Go!!”, which I think is completely sold out and no longer being printed. It was just an hour until “boarding” time, but I noticed the first event was still going on (the concert hall was visible and there were still fans in line for 2-shots). I went to Starbucks to get out of the rain, kill time, fantasize about Shiori and write down notes about the first concert.

ft1400I put the Flight Tickets in my wallet to keep them safe from the rain, and protected from the wotas who wanted to steal them! This is probably what it feels like to be a parent.

Flight #2 – 6:30 PM
Once it was boarding time, it was back to standing in the rain until my ticket number was called. My number was 642, so once I got into Blitz there were considerably more people inside. Of course there was no pre-schoolers in attendance. The tickets make it clear that pre-schoolers are not allowed, lol. There are too many rules: no moshing, no jumping, no pre-schoolers. Are there that many pre-schoolers trying to attend their concerts? Anyway, I didn’t mind being much further back from the stage this time because I was glad to get out of the rain, and I was just really stoked that I was seeing PASSPO again. One of the cool things about going to two concerts in one day is you learn (or re-learn) certain things about PASSPO concerts that make the second concert funner [choreography, MC details like Yukki’s “L size”), and random wota stuff]. And I really wanted to listen to the new songs again, especially “Hello” and “Kiss=Suki”. As the venue filled up I could tell there were a lot more people attending this concert, and there was just way more excitement. I have an app on my phone that can measure excitement, so I’m not just making this up. It kind of felt like there was too much excitement. And I was scared (kidding). Somewhere in the distance I could hear a pre-schooler crying.

Pre-dia opened the concert again. The place was lit up by glowsticks, which were kind of absent from the first concert, and the reception they got was much louder. It was obvious that this concert was going to be completely different than the first. They opened with Honey-B, and then performed my two favorite songs Dream of Love and Hey Boy. I prefer their dance songs because it’s awesome singing along with them. And when I write “sing along” I’m referring to the designated parts that everyone sings along to. If you deviate from those certain parts you get electrocuted. After a short MC they sang their final song Dia Love. They were amazing and I love when they are able to play in front of a large crowd. Opening acts should be able to do encores.
11-11-20sa-1Pre-dia pre-tending to be Perfume shooting red lazers from their fingertips.

PASSPO didn’t perform BREAK OUT!!, Hallelujah, and Sakura Iro during the first concert, so those were the songs I was looking forward to. There should be a law that BREAK OUT!! is performed at every flight, and out of two concerts I had yet to see them perform Sakura Iro. I was prepared to throw an epic tantrum if they weren’t performed. As if on cue, PASSPO took the stage and performed BREAK OUT!! The choreography is awesome and it’s kind of a “Morishi” song since she’s the front girl. She has several solo moments during the song where fans get to scream her name repeatedly. I made a point to scream directly into the ear of the person in front of me. Sooooo fun.
11-11-20Makoto with the top secret song list.

They sang ROCK DA WEEK next… which is pretty much the only song that I tend to skip when I listen to their music. There was a scary moment during the performance though. As I mentioned in the first recap, I can’t help but stare at Morishi, well technically I stare at her with one of my eyeballs, and watch the rest of the group with the other *perfectly normal behavior*. During the song Morishi stumbled and I thought she twisted her ankle! I was about to jump on stage and perform cpr or mouth-to-mouth, and then donate my ankle, but she quickly got up. After checking to make sure her boots were ok, she eventually found her place in the song. Crisis averted! In typical Shiori style she smiled and laughed it off. The MC followed and she fixed whatever problem she was having.

idl1111301540002-p1They also opened the second concert wearing these outfits. Would I be considered a horrible fan if I hated these costumes?

After the MC where the members introduce each other, they performed Shoujo Hiko, Go on a Highway, and Yume Passport. Shoujo Hiko is a great song but I noticed that there isn’t really anything to do during this song. Everyone basically just watches, even the insane wotas. The d-lugging (dancing with luggage) was great though. After Yume Passport the girls left the stage as a projector screen rolled down and a retrospective of their two years was shown. They showed behind-the-scenes footage and clips of their audition videos. Most of the video clips are actually available online at:

When the girls came back on stage they joked about how lame they were when they auditioned. They were just being hard on themselves, everyone is weird at that age. Well Sako was kind of lame, hehe. They had changed into their new outfits at this point. They performed new songs Material Girl and Street Fighter, and the not-new song GPP. As they followed up with Let it Go!!, the first Let it Go!! performance from Flight #1 from November 2009 was shown on screen. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, even if I didn’t actually know PASSPO at that time (I didn’t discover the group until July 2010). Morishi had her second fail moment as she moved the opposite direction at one point and crashed into Makoto. Makoto was completely fine and recovered immediately, but Shiori was laughing her ass off, and kept laughing until the song ended.

idl1111301540002-p5They should sell the color-coded handkerchiefs at their shows.

When the song was over they explained that during their first flight, Let it Go!! and Muteki Girl were the only songs they had at the time. They performed Muteki Girl in a similar way with the first performance playing on screen while they performed live. During the song Yukki had her own embarrassing moment as she fell at one point (it was like a giant tree falling in slow motion :)). During the song there is a routine where the girls kneel and pose, but for the five members that hold mics, it’s a lot harder for them to keep their balance. Yukki’s fail was really cute, but she was extremely embarrassed, awww.

They continued using the projector screen as they performed Kiss=Suki with the super cutetiful K=S PV playing in the background. My favorite PASSPO song Pretty Lie was next. This song is ridiculously fun to see live, the “Anya, Sako-Yukki” chant is the loudest out of all of their songs, and Makoto’s solo part was more epic than usual since it was her birthday and everyone had pink glowsticks. The awesomeness continued with my favorite new song, Hello. It’s so catchy. LA LA Love Train is another really popular live song, and also a song where people go a little overboard. There’s handkerchiefs, towels, and glowsticks colliding all over the place. My glowstick got knocked out of my hand by someone behind me, but miraculously it bounced off the guy in front of me and I was able to pick it up, phew. I thought I lost it! This is probably what it feels like to be a parent. The “last” song of the night was Jaa Ne, and this time they did the superior, non-Zombeats version. The choreography is so cute, particularly the m&m’s. I love this song, but this meant the concert was over!
Performing Kiss=Suki simultaneously with the PV. Aaah there’s two Ai’s!

After the encore chant Makoto, Sako, and Shiori came on stage. They did a musical skit where they replaced song lyrics with the phrase “No group”. It was a little weird, lol. I guess the point was that the encore wasn’t going to be the group, but just the birthday girls. Until Yukki crashed the party and pretended that it was her birthday too, lol. They all wanted her to leave the stage and playfully tried to push her off. Of course it was futile, Yukki’s a giant! The remaining members then joined them on stage and debuted a new song Hareru yo. Everyone activated their pink, yellow, and yellow-green glowsticks *crack splash kerplunk kaboom*.
11-11-21b111-11-21ai The song is adorable and so is the choreography. The ten members pair up, with five girls holding parasols. It’s a ballady song (at least by PASSPO standards) and the choreography reminded me of Sakura Iro. After performing ViVi Natsu, they sang another new song See you again. Hareru yo and See you again are amazing! These two songs were so good I can forgive them for not performing Sakura Iro.
11-11-20z-Although the concert had just ended I already wanted to See *them* again. :) I can honestly say this was the best concert I’ve been to since my parents took me to see Insane Clown Posse on my 10th birthday.

To be continued. (I’m such a dork.)


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