Kaho’s graduation

5 Dec

On 11-12-4 Kaho announced her graduation from PASSPO. Her last concert will be at Zepp Tokyo on 11-12-30. I wrote most of the previous recap after I had learned the news, so it was awkward considering her situation.

Although there is nothing overseas fans can do, I hope the fans in Japan request the staff ustream her final concert. If the concert isn’t made available, I will assume their ustream phase is over. I would prefer that they release a dvd of the concert, or a dvd set for the entire Zepp tour. The fans that aren’t able to attend should have an opportunity to see her last performance.


One Response to “Kaho’s graduation”

  1. Jo 2011/12/12 at 11:12 pm #

    “I will assume their ustream phase is over.”
    It has been so long since their last ustream show and it makes me really sad if we can never have another again.. I do hope they will film and release Kaho’s graduation concert on DVD. She deserves at least that! D:

    I will miss her being a part of PASSPO because even though she was never a popular member, she has a great voice that stands out (and leads a lot of the time along with Shiori) and her friendship with Naomi is just adorable. I know that we’ll be seeing her pop up in Naomi’s blog from time to time so it’s not entirely sad that she’s leaving the group.

    I hope her injury recovers 100% and good luck to her for whatever she plans to do from next year. :)

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