5 Dec

I have never been so hyped for a j-pop idol album. We are truly lucky to have been born during the PASSPO era *tear*.

It’s been 35 days since CHECK-IN was announced. I remember the day vividly because I had given a guest lecture at Oxford that morning. And in about 20.3 hours CHECK-IN will be released in Japan. Christmas has officially been moved to December 7!

I don’t like oricon, following cd sales, or oricon, but PASSPO has worked so hard that I hope their sales are like a runaway airplane filled with dynamite and marshmallows. My official prediction? 55,000 first week. My unofficial prediction? 2,000,000 first hour.

And I know that albums tend to sell worse than singles, but CHECK-IN has so much new content and so much Morishi-goodness, that it has to sell more than their singles (which are in the 40-45,000 range). The album also has to compensate for Kiss=Suki not being sold as the third single.

Japan don’t make me have to buy another 40,000 copies!


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